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Off-Pump Bypass Surgery

Letter of Appreciation
Gerard – October ’05 patient

I want to express my great appreciation for the outstanding medical treatment I received from the truly superb medical and nursing personnel and procedures at Memorial City Medical Center

In late October, after thorough research on my part, Miguel Gomez, M.D. performed double bypass heart surgery on me. The surgery was done “off-pump” and with a major portion performed via robotics. In my estimation, Dr. Gomez’s extraordinary surgical skills and hi-tech procedures put this operation in the “miraculous” surgery category.

I have many friends who have had standard on-pump surgery (requiring hook-up to a heart/lung machine) – and including the usual requirement to “crack” the chest to reach the heart. By avoiding both of these procedures via your robotic and off-pump methods, I experienced a dramatic difference in terms of pain and recovery issues.

My primary concern was to avoid the heart/lung machine if at all possible, because I believed that neurological complications were an issue, particularly in older patients. I was willing to have my chest cracked if necessary, but Dr. Gomez’s robotics approach made that unnecessary.

With the robotics and other innovative pain medication procedures, I am happy to report that I essentially experienced no pain from the entire operation. How could anyone have believed that almost painless heart bypass surgery was possible?

I obviously attribute this to the advanced methods and extraordinary and careful surgical skills offered at Memorial Hermann Memorial City – and I am more than thankful that such hi-tech skills were available to accommodate my particular needs. I was about to proceed with the standard bypass surgical approach at the Texas Medical Center when a friend of mine heard Dr. Gomez speak on a local radio station and brought it to my attention. 

I want to say that I did my homework before I made my final decision to proceed with Dr. Gomez at Memorial Hermann Memorial City. My son is a urologist in Los Angeles, and we received as much information as we could from several sources.

The fact that Dr. Gomez had performed almost 800 off-pump bypass operations, more than anyone in Houston, and that he had also pioneered robotics, spoke volumes to us. It was and is simply amazing to me that somehow Dr. Gomez and his partner, Dr. Gibson, were able to precede the world-famous Texas Medical Center in terms of innovative cardiac surgical techniques.

It is not lost on me that Memorial Hermann Memorial City had to take some risks a number of years ago to make the policy decisions to put such faith and responsibility in the hands of these two pioneers. I believe that these innovations have made Memorial Hermann Memorial City the leader in cardiac surgery in Houston. 

I also want to add that I had been advised that with surgery of this nature, the quality of post-op hospital care was absolutely critical. I was fortunately able to get a report from a woman who has been a volunteer at Memorial Hermann Memorial City for more than a decade, and she advised that in the cardiac unit, both in ICU and in the regular recovery facilities, that the post-op care was the best in Houston. 

As a recent patient, I want to certify this as strongly as I can. The personnel were sharp, caring and competent, and it is obvious that the people responsible for quality care control are doing a truly outstanding job. And of course, the brand new cardiac facility was icing on the cake.

In summary, all I can say is that I am so very thankful that I had the benefit of such skilled and hi-tech professional services and those of a first-rate medical facility for my recent operation. I have made a very rapid and painless recovery. And the only remnant of the operation – one four-inch incision between my ribs – has all but disappeared.

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