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Quality Report FAQs

Should I choose a hospital based solely on the quality measures presented here?

Many factors can affect how you select a hospital, and these quality indicators are only one source of information to consider. Other factors that may affect your selection include which services (benefits) your health plan covers, convenience, where your doctor practices and recommendations from family and friends. By using all of this information when talking with your doctor and hospital, you'll be able take a more active role in making important healthcare decisions.

Why isn't there any information about clinical indicators at Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital?

The clinical indicators used to measure healthcare quality at Memorial Hermann's acute-care hospitals for adults are different from those for Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital. We will publish the results as soon as they are available.

Performance against the clinical indicators sometimes varies widely at hospitals within the Memorial Hermann Health System. Why does this happen?

There are a variety of factors that may impact the results of these performance measurements. For example, each Memorial Hermann hospital is unique in the community it serves, the physicians who practice there, and the types of patients who are treated there.

Memorial Hermann Health System reports on clinical indicators for three medical conditions (heart attack, heart failure and pneumonia). Why? And when will it report on other conditions?

These three medical conditions are high-volume diagnoses with evidence-based indicators that are nationally recognized and accepted. As more evidence-based indicators are developed, Memorial Hermann will expand its reporting so you can make your healthcare choices based on measurements that are both medically sound and easy to compare.

Why do the scores for clinical indicators published by Memorial Hermann sometimes differ from the data appearing on government Web sites?

When comparing graphs from different sources, check that the graphs are showing identical types of data and are covering the same time period.

You will also want to make sure that the data is grouped the same way in all cases. For example, when Medicare publishes quality data for Memorial Hermann hospitals, four of the hospitals (Memorial Hermann Northwest, Memorial Hermann Southeast, Memorial Hermann Southwest and Memorial Hermann The Woodlands) are categorized as a single facility for statistical purposes.

How are the results from patient satisfaction surveys calculated?

The results displayed in the patient satisfaction graphs are based on surveys in which patients are asked to rank various aspects of their experience at Memorial Hermann. Patient responses are scored on a scale of one to five, with one representing “very poor” and five representing “very good.” These individual rankings are then combined into a single measure for overall patient satisfaction by assigning a value to each type of response. The shaded portion of the bars represent the percentage of patients whose overall satisfaction rating was either “good” or “very good.”