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Leading the Nation in Quality

The Savings from More Coordinated, Safer Healthcare

MHMD Shared Savings PMPY

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Insurers partner with Memorial Hermann providers because they know that safer care leads to better clinical outcomes and lower costs for consumers. Their plan members enjoy a more coordinated healthcare experience, because their relevant health information is shared electronically between hospitals and network physicians. Timely preventive care and screenings help physicians identify patients at risk before they get sick. For patients with chronic conditions, physicians and care managers work as a team to help members manage their health. By moving upstream in the care process, we've taken a more active and effective role in managing the health of the populations we serve.

Delivering Value to Payors and Members

Performance comparison cost savings

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MHMD is the contracted network for Memorial Hermann, the largest employer in Houston. In conjunction with Memorial Hermann's health plan, MHMD physicians are encouraging their patients to take a proactive approach to health management.

Requiring employees to establish a physician relationship by choosing a PCP and taking biometric health screenings is contributing to earlier diagnosis and intervention. For employees and family members with chronic illnesses, coordinated disease management has provided a continuum of care that helps to better manage chronic illnesses and reduce hospital readmissions.

Through our combined efforts, we have been successful in reducing total healthcare costs of the Memorial Hermann employee population. Through education and wellness programs, these members are making the necessary lifestyle changes to stay healthy and avoid illness.

Connecting Our Community Through Integrated Information Systems

Using a secure, encrypted electronic network, Memorial Hermann Information Exchange (MHiE) facilitates access to important clinical information to provide safer, more efficient and more equitable patient-centered care. Both providers and patients can choose to participate in the community-wide information network.

With patient consent, records can be compiled and shared between treating physicians, allowing for continuity of care across multiple settings by making critical information available at the point of care.

MHiE Image Gateway provides secure viewing and sharing of medical images. The gateway supports the regional trauma network as well as physician-to-physician and imaging center-to-physician image sharing. Having image access avoids the expense of additional studies, eliminating duplicate tests and radiation overexposure risks to patients.

With the click of a mouse, providers can access or share imaging data with other exchange members, including physicians, radiology groups, referring hospitals, specialists, Memorial Hermann hospitals and imaging centers.

Integrated Information Systems gateway

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