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Quality Reporting

Recognized as a national leader in quality and patient safety, Memorial Hermann rigorously measures patient safety and other clinical indicators to ensure we are exceeding current standards and setting new benchmarks for quality. We want all our patients and their families to feel confident choosing Memorial Hermann as a healthcare provider, and we offer our quality data as assurance.

Memorial Hermann Standards

At Memorial Hermann, we have taken major steps to build a system of care that ensures timely, accurate, safe and effective treatments. Our 21,000 employees and our 5,500 affiliated medical staff physicians strive to create a high-reliability culture that fosters and supports patient safety as a core value.

We are committed to delivering the best possible clinical care to our patients. We benchmark and measure our performance against other hospitals across the country. Memorial Hermann leaders evaluate quality and patient safety based on process and outcomes data. Every day, in real time, hospital leaders track data that reflects ongoing process reliability.  We rigorously measure quality and patient safety in our drive to deliver exceptional patient outcomes.

Quality & Patient Safety

We are working continuously to improve upon the quality and safety of the care we deliver by finding the critical interventions that protect our patients from harm. Memorial Hermann employees and affiliated physicians undergo extensive training in methods and behaviors proven to improve safety and prevent harm. We’re also catching and preventing critical omissions and errors before they can harm a patient by incorporating evidence-based medicine and nationally recognized risk-prevention processes.

We invite you to learn more about quality and patient safety as well as patient satisfaction and our clinical indicators at Memorial Hermann.