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Standards of Conduct

Memorial Hermann Policy

Memorial Hermann Policy

Memorial Hermann Healthcare System is dedicated to providing high quality health services in order to improve the health of the people in Southeast Texas. A key element of this is having ethical standards and integrity. We are committed to achieving our mission in full compliance with our values as well as all applicable laws. To assist us in fulfilling this commitment while operating in a complex and highly regulated environment, we have a Corporate Compliance Program. An important part of our Corporate Compliance Program is our Standards of Conduct.

The Standards of Conduct create a uniform code and are guidelines to clarify specific ethical questions that may arise in the course of your work. Please become familiar with the basic concepts outlined in the Standards of Conduct. If any aspect of the Standards of Conduct is unclear to you or if you have questions or concerns about a situation you are facing, I hope you will feel comfortable discussing your questions and concerns with your supervisor or senior management. If you do not wish to do so or if your supervisor/senior management is not able to address your issue, you may call the Compliance Helpline or the Chief Compliance Officer, which is discussed in more detail in these Standards.

We are committed to honoring the community's trust at Memorial Hermann and are asking you to partner with us in maintaining our uncompromising values.


Dan Wolterman

President and CEO
Memorial Hermann Healthcare System

Last revised July 1, 2012

Download the Memorial Hermann Standards of Conduct