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Cancer Patient Program

Specially-designed Program Helps Memorial Hermann Patients

In collaboration with patients, physicians, nurses, caregivers and others, Memorial Hermann developed a custom program to meet the unique needs of cancer patients. Program components include:


Keeping a journal during treatments is a therapeutic process for many cancer patients. Patients are given a journal in which they can document their cancer journey. The journal can be used to track medical and treatment details, appointments, resources and all other personal health information. Studies have shown the healing benefits of writing, which promotes understanding and acceptance of the event while lessening negative emotions associated with it.

Staff and Equipment Story Cards

In alignment with the story theme, patients are given small information cards on which each physician, nurse, therapist and even pieces of equipment are introduced with a photo and description.


The healing power of storytelling Memorial Hermann Cancer Centers are committed to supporting patients and their families. Patients are given inspirational survivor stories that may be of comfort through diagnosis and treatment. Each patient and survivor is given the opportunity to share their stories with patients going through similar challenges.