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Treatment for Breast Cancer

Memorial Hermann Cancer Centers develop a personalized treatment plan to best meet the needs of each individual with breast cancer. Based on your diagnosis, surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy may be recommended separately or concurrently as part of your treatment.


Chemotherapy may be used to treat specific cancers, control tumor growth, relieve symptoms such as pain, shrink tumors before surgery or radiation therapy, or destroy microscopic metastases.

3D Treatment Planning 

3-D treatment planning leverages CT technology to provide the most accurate, highly conformal treatment planning for patients undergoing radiation therapy. The accuracy of the system ensures that radiation is targeted with the highest level of precision, ensuring delivery directly to the tumor and reducing exposure to normal tissue.


The treatment plan for breast cancer may involve surgery.

After diagnostic testing has determined the location and size of the tumor and stage of cancer, it will be determined if surgery is a good option for treatment. Memorial Hermann offers a full range of surgical treatment options for breast cancer.

A specially trained team of oncologists and cancer nurses employ the latest technology and techniques. We provide individualized information to help you make the most informed decisions about your breast cancer treatment.

Read about the different surgical options used to treat breast cancer.

Medical Oncology

A subspecialty of internal medicine, medical oncology focuses on the diagnosis and medical treatment of solid malignant tumors and malignant hematologic disorders. Medical oncologists establish and evaluate the breast cancer diagnosis, determine the cancer’s stage and collaborate with surgeons, pathologists, radiation oncologists and other medical specialists to plan the optimal course of cancer treatment.

Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy is another option to help patients fight cancer. Our advanced technologies include: