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Varian Clinac Linear Accelerator

The Varian Clinac iX Linear Accelerator – or Linac, for short – uses advanced imaging processes that allow your doctor to find and treat your cancer more quickly.

Am I a Candidate?

The technology can help any patient undergoing radiation treatment, including those with large tumors that require high  doses of radiation. In addition, the Linac improves a treatment called IMRT, or intensity-modulated radiation therapy. 

Types of Cancers

Often used for prostate, head and neck, and nervous system cancers, IMRT uses beams that vary in intensity to avoid healthy internal organs.

Benefits of the Linac

The Linac has onboard imaging, which allows rapid daily imaging of the patient and the tumor, so that adjustments can be made in real time to target the tumor more accurately.

This allows IGRT, or image-guided radiation therapy, to be delivered with even greater precision, and reduces potential treatment side effects.

Patient treatment time is also reduced and overall efficiency of the treatment is enhanced. The accuracy of the technology means fewer side effects, such as nausea, fatigue and skin problems.