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Texas Gulf Coast Graduate Nurse Education Demonstration

Memorial Hermann is one of five hospitals selected to participate in a $200 million initiative designed to increase the number of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs) and fund the clinical training for those APRNs called the Graduate Nurse Education (GNE) Demonstration. Participation was awarded to Memorial Hermann in 2012 by Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

What is an APRN?

Advanced Practiced Registered Nurses (APRNs) are nurses with post-graduate education in nursing. APRNs assist in meeting the needs of a growing complex health care system and improve access to care, deliver quality outcomes and reduce healthcare costs. To date, hospitals and other healthcare providers have been able to accept only a limited number of APRN students for clinical training due to cost and lack of clinical training sites.

Benefits of APRNs include:

  • Provide cost efficient healthcare services
  • Provide independent assessment, diagnosis and management of acute and chronic health care problems
  • Increase the quality of outcome for patients
  • Enhance patient satisfaction
  • Reduce patient readmissions which will help reduce healthcare cost
  • Increase healthcare services to underserved areas
  • Provide education that promotes healthcare wellness and maintenance
  • Provide transitional care for patients from hospital to the home setting
  • Advance health care in their community
  • Provide collaborative healthcare services for the consumer with all healthcare providers

Program Mission

To increase the number of APRNs who will provide primary care, preventive care, transitional care, chronic care management, and other services for Medicare beneficiaries and increase the number of qualified clinical training sites.

Program Vision

Create a model that will be presented and adopted by Congress that will demonstrate the need to continue the funding to offset the clinical training of APRNs and allow more APRNs to enter the program which will provide healthcare consumers with readily accessible and cost effective healthcare services.

Gulf Coast Program Overview

Memorial Hermann partnered with four schools of nursing, Gateway to Care and community healthcare providers in nine counties (download 9-county map) to accomplish the goals set by CMS. Together, we will admit, secure clinical site placements, create and monitor progress, collect data and exchange information on best practices. This demonstration will establish and refine a cost effective model for operating a large network of APRN clinical placement sites.

Participating Schools of Nursing

Community Healthcare Partnerships in Nine Counties

Dozens of healthcare partnerships have been established in nine Texas counties for the clinical training of students.

  • Fifty partners with multiple preceptor sites have been secured for the clinical training of students
  • Thirty-seven (37) sites that previously did not provide clinical training have been secured

The healthcare partnerships consist of:Logo Gateway to Care

  • Hospital partners
  • Hospital-based physician partners
  • University physician practices
  • Community clinics
  • Federally-qualified health clinics
  • Physician Practice Clinics

Locations of Participating Schools of Nursing

Below are the locations of the four participating schools of nursing. Download the complete nine-county map PDF of all participating organizations here.

View Gulf Coast Graduate Nursing Education Demonstration in a larger map

Contact Us

Lori Hull-Grommesh DNP ACNP-BC CCRN NEA-BC
Director of the Texas Gulf Coast Graduate Nurse Education Demonstration
Memorial Hermann Health System
(713) 515-4101

Patricia Hercules RN, MS
Director, System Clinical Education
Administration-Texas Gulf Coast Graduate Nurse Education Demonstration
Memorial Hermann Health System
(713) 932-5767 phone
(713) 932-5775 fax