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Memorial Hermann Premier Staffing

Memorial Hermann's Internal Staffing Agency

Memorial Hermann Premier Staffing has excellent opportunities for experienced professionals to work in a friendly, team-oriented  environment. As the internal staffing agency for Memorial Hermann's network of facilities throughout the Houston area, we offer steady, long-term assignments with flexible scheduling, a work environment and atmosphere consistently ranked among the best in Houston, and great hourly rates and benefits that include a 403(b) retirement plan. We invite you to apply today and come to work in a caring atmosphere that allows you to focus on achieving the best patient outcomes.


Who We Are:

Q - Is Premier an Agency?

A - Premier is a department within Memorial Hermann Human Resources. We operate similar to a staffing agency with flexible schedules and the ability to work part time, PRN, and even long term, full time contracts. However, unlike a staffing agency, working at Premier you can cover any of our hospitals and clinics as a Memorial Hermann employee: getting all of the hours you want and only using one documentation system while enjoying the perks of our valued employees.


Q - What is the difference between an agency contract and a contract with Premier? 

A - Premier is part of Memorial Hermann, and our employees are Memorial Hermann employees. This allows you to work as many shifts as you want using a single documentation system while truly being a part of our System. Additionally, Memorial Hermann does not utilize external staffing agencies for per-diem staffing - meaning that if you would like to work part time/per-diem for Memorial Hermann, Premier is the department you need to go through.


Q - Do you only staff Memorial Hermann hospitals?

A - We staff any facility operated by Memorial Hermann, including hospitals, clinics, and home health.


Hiring Process & Requirements:

Q - Where do I apply with Premier? 

A - Applications are accepted through our website. Find available Premier roles here.


Q - How long is orientation?

A - Orientation is approximately 4-5 shifts and includes one day at the Premier office, then documentation (Cerner/Care4) training, followed by a skills day at the hospital you will primarily be working at and two shadow shifts. We encourage new employees with limited availability to please plan for this time to maximize training effectiveness.


Q - Why do I have to have two years of experience?

A - Premier employees are eligible to work at any of our locations across Houston. The expectation is that once orientation is complete, our employees can “hit the ground running” with limited training. Our research has shown that employees with a minimum of two years of experience are best positioned for success.


Q - Why do I have to take an assessment?

A - All Memorial Hermann clinical new hires are required to take an assessment as part of the hiring process. This is done through Prophesy, an online tool that helps us determine competency levels to best match candidates for placement within our System.


Q - Why do I have to provide original credential documents as part of the application process?

A - Original credentials (CPR, TNCC, etc.) are a requirement for all employees of the System.


Q - Am I required to complete annual online training as a Premier employee?

A - Yes. PiL, or Partners in Learning, courses are required annual education modules that each Memorial Hermann employee is required to take.


Working For Premier:

Q - What benefits does Premier Staffing offer?

A - Premier offers competitive pay, flexible scheduling, major medical insurance and access to our 403(b) savings plan.


Q - What is the minimum requirement for me to work/ be active with Premier?

A - The expectation of Premier Staffing is that RNs will meet PRN requirements of System or System Flex. These requirements include a minimum of 6 shifts per 6 weeks, 2 weekend shifts per 6 weeks, and availability to work one Winter and one Summer holiday. All other disciplines must work a minimum of four shifts per month. For more information, please speak with a Premier Recruiter.


Q - Since Premier is an agency, will I receive a 1099 or W-2?

A - Premier is a department within Memorial Hermann Human Resources. As such, all employees are non-exempt and receive a W-2.


Q - Am I an independent contractor?

A - No. Premier is a department within Memorial Hermann Human Resources. As such, all employees are non-exempt and receive a W-2.


Q - Does Premier pay for travel and lodging?

A - At this time, Premier only offers an all-inclusive hourly pay rate.


Q - Do I have to pay for parking?

A - Parking availability varies by campus. The staffing office can assist with determining parking availability.


Q - As a Premier employee, am I obligated to work at all the hospitals/ clinics?

A - No. Most employees anchor at one hospital - this is the location where they work the majority of their shifts. In addition to their anchor hospital, employees have a second and third facility preference in order to meet the requirement to float to more than one location.


Q - Do I only work at one location?

A - No. In order to qualify for our System float pool (Premier Staffing), you must be willing to work at a minimum of two or more facilities.


Q- Who would be my manager?

A - Premier employees report to two Directors within Premier. On a daily basis, they report and coordinate with their onsite manager.


Q - Who picks my shifts?

A - Employees choose their own shifts.


Q - Do I have to work night shifts?

A - No, you can work the shift you prefer.


Q - Does Premier have a weekend or holiday requirement?

A - Yes. Premier staff work a minimum of two (2) weekend shifts on average every six (6) weeks.


Q - Who books shifts?

A - Shifts are booked through the Staffing Coordinators at the Premier office. The office is staffed Monday - Friday from 4:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m., and 4:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. on the weekends. Confirmations for 7a and 7p shifts are done at 5:00 a.m.


Q - Can I work overtime?

A - Yes, with campus approval.


Q - Does Premier have any open positions? 

A - Yes, Premier is currently hiring for a number of open positions. Please check our website find available positions.


Contact our recruiters at for more information.

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