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Nursing Culture

Whether our nurses are researching diseases, exploring innovations in nursing practice, caring for critically ill patients or serving as support faculty for Houston-area nursing programs, they are a vital part of Memorial Hermann.

Most importantly, nurses can pursue a complete career here—being challenged,
rewarded, and advancing to management level roles if they choose.

Memorial Hermann offers nurses many advantages as part of a culture of collaboration, competence, innovation, compassion and opportunity, including:

  • Career Advancement. Go from entry–level nurse to clinical specialist to management in our system. Your knowledge, skill, performance and willingness to learn make the difference.
  • Cross-training. Satisfy your career-change ambitions without leaving our organization. Learn a new clinical practice specialty, jump back into nursing with a career refresher course or collaborate at Houston–area schools of nursing, including The University of Texas, Texas Woman’s University, Houston Baptist University and Prairie View A&M for nursing degrees.
  • Tuition Reimbursement. From your first day of employment you are eligible for tuition reimbursement to help advance your career education goals with a nursing related regimen of study. Memorial Hermann also encourages nurses to attain specialty certification, for which reimbursement is also available.
  • In–Service Programs for Continuing Education Credit. Take advantage of continuing and specialty education programs available within your department and facility.
  • Nursing Grand Rounds. Participate in programs at our larger hospitals that focus on specific disease processes, patient care plans or other medical issues. Grand rounds provide a forum for critical thinking and a chance to expand your knowledge.
  • Orientation Program. Learn through our structured orientation programs that teach you about the area and specialty in which you chose to practice.
  • Self-Development Opportunities. Available 24/7 to include CEUs though our state-of-the-art, nationally recognized best practice online learning system.
  • Tradition. Discover our century of caring in the greater Houston area.