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Memorial Hermann Southwest: 2017–2018 Pharmacy Residents

2017 Alexander Joachim

Alexander Joachim, PharmD

Alexander Joachim received his PharmD from the University of Maryland, Baltimore. His professional interests include cardiology, ambulatory care, public health, and health policy. Alexander is currently researching outcomes associated with the use of measured weights in ischemic stroke patients administered tissue plasminogen activator in the emergency department.

Why I chose Memorial Hermann?
Memorial Hermann Southwest is a world class institution that provides a diverse breadth of patient services. Rated as one of the nation’s top cardiovascular hospitals, the Heart and Vascular Institute treats a diverse patient population providing significant opportunities to grow as a practitioner. In addition to the exceptional opportunities, I chose Memorial Hermann Southwest because of the commitment of the pharmacy team to provide compassionate patient centered care.

2017 Kevin Lin

Kevin Lin, PharmD

Kevin Lin received his PharmD from The University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy in May 2017. His professional interests included infectious diseases and academia, and he hopes to pursue a career as a clinical specialist or as a clinical adjunct professor at a college of pharmacy. His current research involves evaluating the impact of a procalcitonin-guided protocol for the management of COPD exacerbations on antimicrobial utilization.

Why I chose Memorial Hermann?
Memorial Hermann is a nationally-recognized leader in healthcare dedicated to patient safety and quality care. Completing my residency with Memorial Hermann allows me to practice with highly-skilled clinicians at a variety of campuses and network with other pharmacists and residents throughout the system. It is a privilege to work with an organization committed to the growth and success of its members.

2017 Erin Moody

Erin Moody, PharmD

Erin McGregor Moody received her PharmD from the University of Houston College of Pharmacy in May 2017. Her professional interests include internal medicine, emergency medicine and infectious diseases. Erin’s current research involves evaluating the current prescribing patterns for patients discharged from the Memorial Hermann Southwest emergency department with a prescription for an antibiotic for the outpatient treatment of urinary tract infections.

Why I chose Memorial Hermann?
Memorial Hermann is a national leader in both patient care as well as safety and quality performance. I had the opportunity to complete the majority of my pharmacy school rotations within the Memorial Hermann system and was extremely impressed with all of the clinicians, facilities and level of care offered to each and every patient. Memorial Hermann Southwest is one of the largest community hospitals in the greater Houston area, providing very unique learning experiences and opportunities to practice at affiliated sites. It is a privilege and an honor to be a part of such a highly skilled healthcare team and participate in exceptional patient care.