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Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital 2013–2014 Residents

Stephanie Bowman Candidate

Veronica Harris

Veronica graduated from the University of the Incarnate Word–Feik School of Pharmacy with her Pharm.D. in May 2013. Her professional interests include ambulatory care and inpatient integrated pharmacy. Her current research consists of evaluating the impact of pharmacy led medication discharge counseling and post-discharge telephone follow-up on 30-day readmission rates in heart failure and acute myocardial infarction patients. Veronica hopes to pursue a career as either an integrated pharmacist or a pharmacist in a clinic setting.

Why I chose Memorial Hermann?

Memorial Hermann is one of the top healthcare systems in the nation that centers itself on the health of the community. My first experience with Memorial Hermann was working as a pharmacy technician prior to pharmacy school and again as a pharmacy student. Memorial Hermann offers a vast amount of learning opportunities for me to further develop not only as a pharmacist but also a professional, and I am honored to once again be a part of this leading healthcare organization.

Stephanie Bowman Candidate

Yao Hua

Yao Hua graduated from the University of Houston College of Pharmacy with his Pharm.D. in May 2013. His professional interests include infectious diseases with an emphasis on HIV, geriatrics, and informatics. Yao Hua hopes to pursue a career as a clinical specialist in infectious diseases/HIV or an integrated/hybrid pharmacist. He is actively involved in ASHP and its affiliates, as well as other professional organizations. Through professional involvement he seeks to understand how to integrate the practice of pharmacy from different parts of the country and promoting mentorship within the profession on all levels. His current research consists of looking at the impact of emergency department pharmacist presence and interventions on septic shock resuscitation bundle compliance in a community hospital and associated clinical outcomes.

Why I chose Memorial Hermann?

Memorial Hermann has shown time and time again to be a trendsetter when it comes to making the most of healthcare technology and improving access to care for the benefit of the community as a whole. As a student interning with Memorial Hermann, I enjoyed a nurturing learning and organizational environment that facilitated my development as a clinician and professional. I am honored to have the opportunity to further explore my role in pharmacy as a resident with the support of the Memorial Hermann network, building on the foundations of learning set as a student to challenge myself in new ways.

Stephanie Bowman Candidate

Bryant Tran

Bryant graduated from the University of Houston College of Pharmacy with his Pharm.D. in May 2013. His professional interests include critical care and infectious diseases. His research project involves determining if extended-infusion cefepime in a community hospital can improve patient clinical outcomes, as well as decrease the rate of resistance amongst gram-negative pathogens. He hopes to complete a PGY2 and be a clinical specialist in a hospital system such as Memorial Hermann.

Why I chose Memorial Hermann?

Memorial Hermann consistently ranks in the top 5 large heath systems in the country. With their large presence and continual growth, I knew I would have a promising career working alongside professionals who are engaged for providing optimum care and ensuring patient safety. It is a privilege to have the opportunity of being a pharmacy resident and making an impact on patient-care with the support of Memorial Hermann.