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Esophageal Dialation

Esophageal Dialation

The stricture can be dilated by using esophageal dilators, using bougies (plastic tubes that are passed from the mouth into the esophagus to dilate the esophagus) or balloon dilators during an upper endoscopy. The procedure may need to be repeated multiple times. The complete control of gastroesophageal reflux will help healing of the stricture. Aggressive acid suppression therapy with proton pump inhibitors has reduced the incidence of strictures. Despite this advance in therapy, 30 percent of patients with strictures require a repeat dilation within one year.

Below are two schematic presentations of balloon dilation for peptic stricture:

Peptic Esophageal Stricture1
Peptic Esophageal Stricture2

By Michel Kafrouni, M.D.