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Esophageal Perforation Diagnosis

Esophageal perforation should be suspected if – following any episode of vomiting or an upper endoscopy – the patient complains of neck or chest pain, rapid heart rate, fever or chills. The following studies can confirm the diagnosis of esophageal perforation. 

Videoesophagram could be utilized in cases of esophageal perforation, the esophagram shows leakage of barium outside of the esophagus to the surrounding tissues.

Upper endoscopy can be safely performed following esophageal perforation. It should be performed by expert hands and by the same surgical team that is planning to repair the esophagus. Upper endoscopy allows assessing the underlying esophageal disease, and the exact location and the extent of esophageal perforation.

Computed Tomography scan (CT scan)

In cases of esophageal perforation, a CT scan shows, air around the esophagus and leakage of the barium from the esophagus into the surrounding tissues.