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Time for a Colonoscopy?

If you’re eligible, our direct access program makes it easy.

With Direct Access from Memorial Hermann, you can schedule a colonoscopy directly in 3 steps. No separate physician office visit is required in most cases. Other programs often require patients to see the GI physician before the colon screening. Typically, your insurance provider will cover the entire cost of the screening colonoscopy, but it is important that you contact them to understand your individual situation.

Schedule online in three easy steps:

Find out if you’re a candidate
Choose a location & schedule online
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A screening colonoscopy may be scheduled online if one of the following conditions are met:
  • 50 years or older
  • African American 45 years or older
  • 40 years old or 10 years younger than the age at which a first degree relative was diagnosed with colon cancer

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Remember to confirm your requested appointment with ScheduleNow by phone or email. A nurse from Memorial Hermann will follow up with you to confirm your information and connect you with our business office for insurance verification.


Colon Screening Preparation

You will be given instruction by your physician in advance that will explain what you need to do to prepare for your colonoscopy. Your colon must be completely empty for the colonoscopy to be thorough and safe. To prepare for the procedure you may have to follow a liquid diet beforehand.