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Dr. Michael Kent, MD

Orthopedic Surgeon


Physician Biography

A graduate of Texas Lutheran University, Dr. Kent received his medical degree from the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston Medical School, where he also completed his residency in Orthopaedic Surgery. He is board certified in Orthopedic Surgery by the American Board of Orthopedic Surgeons.

Practicing medicine since 2000, Dr. Kent treats children and adults, athletes and active older individuals. He enjoys treating a wide spectrum of problems from acute sports injuries to chronic degenerative conditions. He is a member of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons and the Memorial Hermann Medical Group Leadership Council. Dr. Kent is the team physician for Houston Baptist University, a member of the medical team for the Sugar Land Skeeters, and treats runners and other endurance athletes at Texas Running Company in Sugar Land. He was voted Memorial Hermann Sugar Land Physician of the Year.

Dr. Kent offers his patients treatment options ranging from non-operative to operative. He attempts to explain things in a way that patients and their families can understand so they are able to make informed treatment decisions.

Dr. Kent and his wife live in Richmond with their three children. He enjoys hunting, fishing, triathlons, and coaching or watching his children play soccer.

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Patient Testimonials

Dr. Kent was very nice and informative. It was hard recovering after surgery but Dr Kent and the physical therapist at Richmond Bone and Joint were very supportive. Even though I was sedated before surgery my parents said he prayed with us before surgery. He is a very caring man. I would recommend him to everyone!

Emilee Tally

Dr. Kent is our Team Orthopedic for the Seven Lakes High School athletic programs. He has been our team physician since we opened the campus in 2005. Dr. Kent does a fantastic job caring for the athletes of our twenty varsity teams and their associated sub-varsity teams. The care of our athletes is an important aspect for the coaches, players and parents of our school. Dr. Kent and the staff members of Richmond Bone and Joint Clinic do a great job of getting our athletes scheduled in to see him in a timely manner that is smooth and efficient for the parents and their hectic schedules. He is a physician who provides individual attention to each of his patients and does a wonderful job of explaining the injury along with the entire process of evaluating the injury, treating the injury, and what steps will be taken in getting the athlete to return to full activity to both the athlete and parents. It is great to have a team physician who enjoys sports as much as the athletes, and will go the extra step in the prevention, care, and treatment of athletic injuries for our teams

Seven Lakes High School Athletic Department

I had Synvisc injections in each knee, prior to the injections I was in pain when walking, bending and getting up and down. Since the injections I am doing much better. My pain is minimal and getting better each day, I am more mobile and I have even started exercising! Dr. Kent is a wonderful doctor, he explained everything to me before the injections. He answered all of my questions and I felt very comfortable with him doing the injections and I am so thankful I came to Richmond Bone & Joint. Gabi, Dr. Kent's nurse is awesome! She responded to my emails and called me when I needed her to. The care given to me at Richmond Bone & Joint Clinic is exceptional!! I would recommend Richmond Bone & Joint Clinic to anyone!

Valarie Adams

My left knee was in constant discomfort and I was in severe pain, when going from a sitting position to a standing position you could easily hear the cracking popping noise coming from my knee.  I was unable to stand and put weight on my left knee for any extended period of time.  At night while lying in bed, I was unable to get into a comfortable position and as a result I was unable to have a good night's rest.  The pain and discomfort I experienced regulated my daily activities.

On Tuesday, October 26th 2010, I had a total knee replacement with Dr. Kent.  I left the Hospital feeling better than when I went in for surgery and I was walking without any device or assistance 11 days later.  On Saturday November 13th (17 days later) I mowed my lawn with a push mower and on Monday November 15th I returned to work.  Now I can finally have a good night's sleep and the surgery has made a tremendous difference in my quality of life. 

The Physical Therapist who came to my house stated that in her 27 years of physical therapy, she had not seen anyone recover this fast; which I believe is the direct result of Dr. Kent's expertise and the quality of medical treatment provided by Richmond Bone and Joint. 

The care and attention I received prior to my surgery and during the recovery was exceptional; they are very caring, friendly and professional.

At the hospital prior to the surgery Dr. Kent spent time with my wife and I explaining the surgery and describing the healing process.  Prior to taking me in for surgery, Dr. Kent said a prayer which was very comforting to my wife and me.  During our visits, Dr. Kent never appeared to be in a hurry and took time to answer any questions we had; over all, his demeanor and professionalism gave me a strong sense that I was in good hands. 

Randy Johnson

Bryan had surgery on October 8th, had his cast removed on November 16th and was fishing and surfing on November 21st in Cabo San Lucas.

Every aspect of dealing with RBJC was perfect!  I am an Executive in the healthcare, and have not seen physician office processes handled as friendly and efficiently as they were at RBJC.  From the first call at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday October 6th, to a quick appointment on Thursday on October 7th, to surgery on October 8th, everyone and everything was handled professionally and expeditiously. 

Dr. Kent is an amazing person. We had gone to another physician, who had a staff that did not understand that we did not want to receive services in an out of network facility.  They did not understand our insurance coverage and we spent 3 days trying to get a surgery scheduled.  We needed this done a.s.a.p. since we were leaving on vacation November 20th.  RBJC had someone there to answer the phone at 5:30 p.m. to schedule an appointment, which is unheard of in the industry. They got us in right away with Dr. Kent, (who was our first choice)!  Dr. Kent was extremely accommodating to our schedule and did surgery on his day off at an in network facility (Sugar Land Surgical Hospital) so we were able to put our minds at ease and get the surgery done so Bryan would have his cast off for our long planned vacation.

Dr. Kent showed up early for the surgery and prayed with us before they took Bryan into the surgical suite.  This was from the heart and made us both feel so thankful that God gave him the talent to be a doctor. 

During all visits with Dr. Kent, Bryan had lots of questions and Dr. Kent was great at making him less anxious.  Bryan now has his mind set on being an orthopedic surgeon and thinks Dr. Kent is "very cool"!

Thanks again for a great experience under difficult circumstances!

Donna Poole

Because of my torn rotator cuff, I had extreme pain and loss of mobility in right shoulder and right bicep.  I was not able to lift with my right arm nor was I able to easily handle simple activities like buttoning my pants or reaching and pushing / pulling.

Since Dr. Kent repaired my rotator cuff my mobility has returned 100% in just 2 weeks and although, I still experience some soreness in connection with exercise, I no longer experience the extreme "biting" pain I was previously dealing with…

EVERYONE I met at Richmond Bone & Joint Clinic was both professional and caring and very thorough in handling my visits and my surgery.

What can I say about Dr. Kent? He is extremely professional and an obvious expert in his field. His work on me has allowed me to return to work, to my family a healthier and happier man and to my favorite sport, motorcycling. I simply can't say enough good things about Dr. Kent or RBJC.

Floyd Dennis "Creek" Johnson


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