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Health & Wellness Services

Memorial Hermann Employer Solutions is here to assist your company and your employees with managing health and associated healthcare costs. Our comprehensive Health and Wellness Services help companies maintain a healthy workforce and reduce healthcare costs by identifying, addressing and reducing health risks before they turn into significant medical issues. These services also help employees improve overall health, by engaging members to be proactive in the management of their personal health and wellness through education, behavior modification, and health risk analysis.

Wellness Programs Boost Employee Retention

It’s a fact: Employees regard an employer-sponsored wellness program as a viable reason to stay in their current jobs. Retaining experienced workers reduces recruiting and retraining costs while increasing productivity. Additionally, employees feel that wellness benefits provide incentives for working harder and performing better on the job. Ultimately, employees who participate in health and wellness programs are 300 percent more engaged and satisfied at their place of work. Source: The Keas Employee Happiness Index

Customize Wellness Programs to Fit Your Company

With Memorial Hermann Employer Solutions, you can choose from a customizable menu of health solutions to address your company’s healthcare challenges. By partnering together, we can develop new and innovative health solutions specific to your parameters, industry and objectives.

Memorial Hermann health and wellness programs help employers identify, improve and reduce health risks while reducing costs by encouraging employees to be more engaged and active in their overall health. We can help employees set fitness goals and provide innovative tools and guidance to help them achieve them.

Wellness Programs

  • Biometric Screenings
  • Health Navigator
  • Health Coaching
  • Counseling
  • Healthy Living Programs

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Complete the Contact Us form below and our specialists will be in touch with more information about our non-insurance health and wellness options for employers. You may also call (713) 338-6519 or 1(800) 778-8935 to learn more.

For Memorial Hermann employees with questions about the Wellness Program, please email