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The path to better health, better care, better cost

Aetna Whole Health-Memorial Hermann ACN featuring the Memorial Hermann Accountable Care Network

Where you go for medical care does matter. The Aetna Whole Health-Memorial Hermann ACN with Aetna's cutting edge technology offers access to a comprehensive network of 12 hospitals and, dozens of specialty programs and services across the greater Houston area as well as exceptional primary care and specialist physicians throughout the region.

What does accountable care really mean for me and my family?

The Memorial Hermann Accountable Care Network offers you and your family a new kind of health care - where physicians and hospitals commit to working collaboratively to offer the highest quality, safest, and most cost effective care. Here's an example of how it differs from traditional medical care.

KBR Aetna Doctor

Yesterday's Model

  • My doctor told me I'm a diabetic. He gave me a prescription, advised me to make diet changes and sent me on my way.
  • I remember receiving several phone messages from my insurance company offering some kind of program, but I was too busy to get back to them.
  • I made some diet changes but I still loved my rich food. I also found it hard to get active and remember to take my medication.
  • About a year later, my diabetes gave him a serious scare. I passed out and was rushed to the ER with dangerously high blood sugar levels.
  • I had to spend almost a week in the hospital and was off work for several weeks after that.

Memorial Hermann Plan

  • My doctor told me I'm a diabetic. She gave me a prescription, referred me to an eye specialist for an exam and a nutritionist to help change my diet.
  • I tried to follow my doctor's instructions, but I would forget to check my blood sugar or take my prescription. I didn't really understand why I needed to do all that.
  • I never saw the specialists either.I got a few calls from Aetna about a diabetes program, but I didn't think it was really necessary.
  • About two weeks later, my doctor's office called. They had gotten an alert that told them I was not on track with my new treatment plan. They asked me to come back in for a follow-up visit.
  • That second appointment with my doctor really opened my eyes. Her care manager attended the appointment with me and they explained more about diabetes and how serious it could be. They recommended I participate in a diabetes program with Aetna and I agreed. I also made a plan with the care manager to check in regularly for a few weeks while I was adjusting to all the new things I needed to do.
  • I met with the nutritionist and learned how to change my eating habits. I also saw the eye specialist - I didn't know diabetes could damage your eyesight!
  • I joined Aetna's diabetes program and it's actually really helpful. It also helped me with my diet and other ways of controlling my blood sugar to keep me healthy. I can also track my blood sugar readings on their website.
  • I'm feeling better every day. I have more energy and my blood sugar readings are right where they should be. I haven't missed any work because I was feeling sick. And I know if I have questions or concerns, I have a whole care team behind me to help me. That's a great feeling!

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