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Travel Medicine

Are you planning to travel abroad for a business trip or a family vacation? If so, schedule an appointment at one of our Memorial Hermann Executive Health, Memorial Hermann Occupational Health or Memorial Hermann Medical Group locations in the Greater Houston area for all of your Travel Medicine needs.

Each Travel Medicine Consultation is conducted by one of our Board-Certified Physicians who work in accordance with standards set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Whether you are in need of a consultation with vaccinations, or if you already have vaccination orders from your primary care physician and just need the vaccinations, we are here to serve you.


We have five locations in the Greater Houston area that can cover your Travel Medicine checklist.

What to Expect

Information for Your Visit:

After you schedule an appointment, one of our staff members will email a travel medicine questionnaire and some additional paperwork for you to complete and bring with you to your appointment. Don’t forget to bring the following paperwork to your travel medicine consultation:

  • The completed travel medicine questionnaire and additional paperwork
  • Your current immunization records
  • Your trip itinerary


Most travel medicine services are not covered by health insurance plans so Memorial Hermann Executive Health does not file a claim to your health insurance plan for travel vaccinations.

Vaccine Description
Travel Medicine ConsultationPatient receives a physician consultation.
FluOne dose per flu season.
Hepatitis AGiven as two shots, 6-12 months apart.
Hepatitis BConsists of three doses. Second dose given one month after the first, and the third dose given six months after the first. 
Japanese EncephalitisTwo doses given 28 days apart and series should be completed at least one week before travel. Booster to be given after one year before re-exposure or if continued risk.
Meningococcal Menactra (Ages 18- 55)For anyone ages 18 - 55: one dose
Meningococcal Menomune (Ages 56 and over)For anyone ages 56 and over: one dose and a booster every 5 years if patient is still at risk.
PneumoniaOne dose for patients over age 65 or earlier for at - risk patients.
Polio/IPVThree doses for adults with the second dose given 1-2 months after first dose, and third dose given 6-12 dose after third dose.
PPD Tubersol Skin TestInjected intradermally on forearm. Read by a professional 48-72 hours after injection.
RabiesPre-exposure patients: 3 doses, second dose given 7 days after first dose, and third dose given 21 or 28 days after second dose.
RubellaFor adults: If born after 1957, and if patient has not been vaccinated against rubella, needs at least one dose of the MMR vaccine.
ShinglesFor anyone over 60 years of age: one dose.
Tetanus/Diphtheria/Pertussis (Tdap)Protects against tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis. Booster given every 10 years.
TwinrixFor combined Hepatitis A and B. Consists of three doses. Second dose given one month after the first and the third dose given six months after the first.  Advanced schedule for those traveling a month or more of getting first dose.
TyphoidOne dose provides protection. Should be given 2 weeks prior to traveling to at risk areas. A booster dose is needed every 2 years for those continually at risk.
VaricellaFor anyone who has not had chickenpox. Two doses given 28 days apart.
Yellow FeverFor anyone 18 years - 59 years of age: One dose given at least 10 days before travel. Booster every 10 years. Patient will receive the Yellow Card (International Certificate of Vaccination) after receiving the vaccination.

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