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MyHealth Advocate is a free disease management program designed to help your patients with diabetes and congestive heart failure live longer, healthier lives. Many patients with chronic conditions often don’t follow their prescribed treatment regimen. However, consistent and personalized communication with patients about their disease and how to manage it can make a difference in producing positive clinical outcomes.

It is very difficult, if not impossible, for busy physician practices to manage and sustain the level of ongoing personal outreach with their patients that this program provides. My Health Advocate does not replace or change your current relationship with your patients; rather, we work with you to ensure your patients stay healthy between their appointments and are accountable for their health.

My Health Advocate is designed to:

  • Encourage patients to take control of their health and make better health decisions
  • Help patients recognize the signs and symptoms of their disease
  • Provide ongoing education and support to patients so that they understand and adhere to your plan of care
  • Reduce inappropriate use of emergency rooms and inpatient services
  • Reduce medical costs

Disease Management Program Eligibility

MyHealth Advocate is available for Medicare and Medicaid members.

Disease Management Program Availability:

MyHealth Advocate currently includes programs for management of:

  • Congestive heart failure
  • Diabetes

How My Health Advocate Works

  • Telephonic Support. A nurse case manager trained in outpatient disease management provides telephonic support to your patients by regularly contacting and encouraging them to follow your instructions for medication compliance, exercise, diet and lab work, as well as office follow-ups.
  • Physician Reports. You receive routine reports of your patient’s progress and activity.* You will receive immediate notification if the nurse notices any emergent problems that require quick attention.

*Patient consent is required.

How Patients are Enrolled in My Health Advocate 

  • Patients enter the program through physician referral, self-referral or by contact with a program representative as a result of an inpatient stay.
  • Patients must have a PCP to participate. Patients without a PCP will be encouraged to find a PCP through Memorial Hermann’s Physician Referral Service at 713.222.CARE (2273).
  • To enroll in the program, patients call 713-338-6711 or email

We look forward to working with you to help ensure your patients live longer, healthier lives.

For more information on My Health Advocate, or to enroll a patient, call 713-338-6711, email or visit