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MHiE Community Health Exchange

Whether in a life-threatening emergency or routine treatment, delivering the best possible care begins with having access to the most up-to-date patient information and clinical data. Through a suite of innovative solutions, Memorial Hermann Information Exchange (MHiE) puts the latest health data at the fingertips of authorized Exchange Members.

Improving Access to Clinical Information

MHiE Community Health Exchange (cHX) is a secure, encrypted electronic network offering authorized users access to consented patients’ latest health information. Healthcare providers are able to immediately retrieve comprehensive health histories and clinical information submitted by all Exchange Members throughout the community as patients transition between different venues of care. This allows for increased efficiency of services, streamlined workflow and more comprehensive treatment.

Community Health Exchange benefits include: • Improved coordination between healthcare providers, hospitals and other organizations resulting in earlier diagnosis of chronic conditions. • Improved treatment effectiveness and lower cost of care. • Improved availability of patients’ health information in the event of a medical emergency or natural disaster. • Supporting achievement of Meaningful Use.

How It Works

 Com Health Exchange

 Upon patient consent, medical information captured during the visit is sent by each Exchange Member to a data repository and aggregated into a single digital record. This community record is comprised of information sent from multiple sources and includes:
• Visit history
• Lab results
• Allergy and problem lists
• Vital signs
• Medication history
• Immunization record

As an authorized provider, you can later view this community record at the click of a button directly from within your EMR. Depending upon your electronic medical records (EMR) system, some Exchange Members will be able to import this data directly into patient charts. In the absence of an EMR, Exchange Members can launch the cHX from any Internet connection to take advantage of “cloud computing” technology -- giving you access anytime, anywhere.

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