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Welcome to PhysicianLINK, a convenient, secure, confidential and easy to use Web-based tool. The information available through this anytime, anywhere application is designed to improve the workflow in your clinic by:

  • Creating less paperwork
  • Reducing the number of frustrating phone calls
  • Improving time management
  • Lowering administrative costs
  • Increasing work productivity

By logging onto, you will be notified when your patients are admitted, transferred or discharged at any Memorial Hermann facility. You will be able to access practice guidelines, medical resource materials, CME credits, a comprehensive drug database, and many other helpful applications and informational resources. PhysicianLINK also gives you and your staff access to Care4 - Memorial Hermann's core clinical application. Most importantly, it gives your clinic more time to spend providing the best possible patient care.

To obtain more information regarding PhysicianLINK benefits or features please contact us at For registration information, please call 713-448-LINK or log on to and register online for access.

PhysicianLINK is made available to you by Memorial Hermann Health Network Providers and Memorial Hermann.

Computer Requirements

To benefit from the full suite of resources available through PhysicianLINK, please be sure that your computer meets the Minimum System Requirements necessary to successfully operate Care4 and PhysicianLINK. The requirements are as follows:

  • Pentium II @ 233 MHz with 128 MB of RAM
  • 1024 x 768 Video
  • 60 Meg free disk space
  • Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP (Apple/Macintosh does not support all functionality)
  • High Speed Internet Connection (DSL, Cable Modem, T1)
  • Internet Explorer version 5.5 or above

If your computer does not meet the Minimum System Requirements outlined above, please contact your office's computer support personnel for assistance with upgrading your PC's. Additionally, not using your PhysicianLINK account for several weeks will result in your account to become deactivated. Be sure to log in regularly to maintain account activity.

Key Features

PhysicianLINK offers FREE access to many functions and resources that can improve the workflow in your clinic for you and your staff. Some of the key PhysicianLINK features include access to:

Clinical Applications

  • Care4
  • EMR's
  • Enterprise Scheduling
  • Residency applications
  • Medical Record applications

Business Applications

  • Insurance eligibility and referrals solutions
  • The latest insurance and address information on your patients
  • Physician office outpatient procedure scheduling
  • MHHNP contracts and fee schedules
  • MyCareLINK (Office/Patient Communication Web-based tool)

Clinical References and Health Resources

  • Complementary access to MDConsult (a $219.95 annual value)
  • HealthStream
  • MicroMedex
  • Antimicrobial guide
  • Zynx Health
  • MHHS-Protocols
  • Formulary Lists
  • Texas Medical Center Library
  • VHA Online
  • Various other health care resources

Professional Education and Training

  • Online CME's
  • VHA Physician Education Programs

Patient Wellness

  • Health Information
  • Customized Patient Handouts
  • Patient Personal Health Record

MHHNP Resources

  • Fee Schedules
  • Contract Information
  • Group Purchasing
  • Insurance Resources