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What is HEARTS? Hearts is a study to detect any abnormal heart conditions that can cause the heart to arrest (suddenly and unexpectedly stop beating).Why are we doing it? Approximately one out of every 100 children have an undiagnosed heart condition.
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Dr. John Higgins, principle investigator of the HEARTS™ study and program, discusses sudden cardiac arrest and how a simple heart screening can save a life.

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Heart screenings offered to sixth-graders at a Houston middle school revealed shocking results - seven with undiagnosed heart conditions, two of which required surgery.

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What is Sudden Cardiac Arrest?

Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD) claims the lives of more than 450,000 Americans each year and is the #1 killer in young athletes in the U.S. SCA can result in the death of individuals who may or may not know of any pre-existing heart conditions.

SCD often occurs in active, seemingly healthy people with no known heart disease or other health problems. Many victims of SCD are living with undiagnosed cardiac abnormalities. Fortunately, lives can be saved with early detection.