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PET, CT and PET/CT Scan Houston TX

What is a PET scan?

PET (position emission tomography) is an imaging technique to examine the chemical activity in parts of the body to see how organs and tissues are functioning. This information helps physicians diagnose many diseases.

How is a PET scan done?

A PET scan is performed by injecting a small amount of fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG), or radioactive form of glucose, into a vein. This allows physicians to image and measure how cells in the body use glucose.

What is a CT scan?

CT (computed tomography) scan is anatomic imaging that provides precise detail regarding the size and shape of organs and body structures. A CT scan is similar to a conventional x-ray exam, but the images are taken from different angles and combine the images to create detailed cross-sectional images of the body. These images can be viewed in 3D.

What is a PET/CT scan?

PET/CT (position emission tomography - computed tomography) scans merge metabolic detection with computerized imaging to precisely identify problem areas in the body.

Why is a PET/CT scan done?

A PET/CT imaging exam is used by physicians to make more accurate diagnoses, identify problems in their early stages and develop targets for treatment plans. PET/CT also can show how advanced a disease has become. PET, or positron emission tomography, provides the metabolic information. The computed tomography (CT) scan simultaneously takes multiple images to create a map of the body. This helps pinpoint the location of cancerous tumors or metabolic activity in the brain.

How is a PET/CT scan done?

You will be injected with a radioactive glucose (sugar). After the injection the technologist will place you in a quiet area to rest for approximately 45 minutes to one hour. A technologist will then assist you into a scanner that resembles a CT scanner, where images will be taken. The technologist will be in constant communication with you during the exam.

When will I have the results?

A trained physician (radiologist) will interpret your PET/CT exam. The technologist cannot interpret or discuss what they are viewing while performing the exam. A report with the results will be sent to your doctor within one to two business days. Please check with your doctor's office to discuss results.

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