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Why Choose Memorial Hermann?

In addition to the latest technological advances and the expertise of board-certified physicians, Memorial Hermann Breast Care Centers offer a premier community breast care network by delivering exceptional patient experiences in the comfort of a spa-like environment.


Women at Memorial Hermann Breast Care Centers enjoy:

  • Private changing rooms
  • Warmed robes
  • Private, ladies-only waiting area with coffee, tea and snacks
  • The latest imaging technology including 3D mammograms and digital mammograms
  • Care from board-certified breast radiologists

Nine Houston-Area Centers

With 9 Breast Care Centers across Houston, we provide Houston women with access to the latest high-tech tools, to aid in early detection and treatment that women need.

Find the Memorial Hermann Breast Care Center most convenient to you.

Comprehensive Care in One Location

When a patient visits one of our Breast Care Centers, she benefits from having access to a team of specialists in oncology, radiology and surgery. From a routine mammogram to a biopsy, a range of breast services are available in one location and typically all in one day.

3D Mammograms and Digital Mammograms

3D Mammograms

Breast tomosynthesis, known as a 3D mammogram, is an innovative new, FDA-approved digital technology that helps physicians detect smaller tumors sooner -- at the earliest stages of breast cancer.

The 3-D imaging technology of tomosynthesis enables radiologists to see "inside" the breast. This reduces or eliminates problems caused by dense tissue overlapping. Learn more about 3D mammograms.

Digital Mammograms

Our Breast Care Centers also offer digital mammograms for sharper, faster, and more accurate images. It also uses a lower radiation dose and allows physicians the ability to enhance, magnify or optimize images for closer evaluation or interpretation.

Digital mammograms allow for increased contrast and a better view through the dense tissue typical of younger women. It allows us to see calcifications, which are common, but can also be the first detectable sign of cancer.

Digital mammograms done at Memorial Hermann offer an added advantage: They are screened using computer-aided diagnosis (CAD).

CAD software package, which is like an extra set of eyes, is able to detect subtle calcifications that can be difficult to see even with the trained human eye. It tells us where to take a closer look. Digital mammography makes getting a good image easier, which reduces technical repeats, meaning fewer callbacks for women.

Board-Certified Breast Radiologists

Traditionally, breast radiology has been performed by general radiologists. At our Centers, specially trained, board-certified breast radiologists read mammograms. Being specialists in breast radiology makes radiologists at our Centers unique, allowing them to be more involved in patient care. 

If something is detected during a mammogram, a specialist can perform a diagnostic ultrasound, and results can be read immediately. If further services are needed, such as a biopsy, often they are available at the same location and on the same day.

Make an Appointment

Schedule an appointment at one of our nine convenient Houston-area Breast Care Centers by calling (877) 704-8700.