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Memorial Hermann Rehabilitation Hospital – Katy

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Stroke & Neurology-Focused Therapy

Treating stroke in a timely manner is critical to an individual's long-term health outcome. And the journey to recovery is just beginning with initial stroke treatment - rehabilitation plays a pivotal role in regaining life skills that allow stroke sufferers to live independently. The healthcare professionals at Memorial Hermann Rehabilitation Hospital - Katy understand the challenges of stroke recovery and our experts work one-one-one with patients to achieve successful rehabilitation.

In addition to treating stroke, our treatment teams care for patients recovering from a wide variety of neurological diseases and disorders including multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, Parkinson's disease, Guillain-Barré syndrome and critical illness myopathy. Inpatient rehabilitation allows us to provide specialized medical management, nursing and therapy services in a hospital setting.

Comprehensive, interdisciplinary care reinforces treatment goals throughout the day for all patients. Training, education, counseling and support groups are available to patients and caregivers to prepare them for life outside of the hospital.

Recovery does not end with a patient's discharge from the inpatient program. Our outpatient therapy programs allow patients to transition from hospital to home while continuing to receive intense therapy services and monitoring.

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Memorial Hermann Rehabilitation Hospital-Katy is a limited liability company, which is owned by MH Katy Rehab Hospital LLC and some physician members of the hospital’s medical staff. A list of the physician owners is available upon request.