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Prepare for Surgery

Before your surgery, it is imperative that you take part in the pre-admission process.  This is a two-step practice that ensures all important and pertinent information is gathered in a timely manner. The following steps are very important and will need to be completed prior to your scheduled surgery:

  1. Schedule your Pre-Admission Testing appointment with the hospital within a 30-day window of your scheduled surgery date by either calling (713) 242-3880 or booking your appointment online below.

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  1. Register for the Joint Replacement Pre-Operative Class prior to your surgery date by calling (713) 222-CARE (2273).  Pre-Operative Classes are offered every Thursday and are mandatory for all patients undergoing joint replacement surgery.

The Pre-Admission Testing appointment and Pre-Operative Class may be scheduled on the same day for your convenience.  Due to class scheduling, both steps could be completed on a Thursday.

Joint Replacement Pre-Operative Class

The Pre-Operative Joint Replacement Class answers all of your questions regarding your preparations for surgery, the hospital stay and discharge process.  Best practices have shown that patients who understand what to expect during their hospital stay typically have lower anxiety levels, recover quicker and have superior long-term outcomes. 

When you attend the Joint Replacement Pre-Operative class, we will address:

  • What to do prior to admission in preparation for your surgery
  • What to expect during your hospital stay, including expected length of stay
  • Physical therapy and pain management protocols
  • What to expect upon discharge. 

Joint Replacement Pre-operative Classes are offered every Thursday and are mandatory for all surgical patients.