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Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

Joint Commision LogoMemorial Hermann Northwest Hospital is a leader in the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of orthopedic disorders.

Individualized orthopedic care and customized treatment programs are delivered by experienced sports medicine-trained orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, and athletic trainers.

For more information or for a physician referral, call (713) 222-CARE.

Joint Replacement Program

The team of physicians, nurses and physical therapists at Memorial Hermann Northwest Hospital specialize in hip replacement and knee replacements and are dedicated to providing you high-quality care.

For many, joint pain and loss of joint mobility are viewed as an inevitable part of aging. Often, the damage done to the joint is best addressed by total joint replacement — the implanting of a synthetic joint in place of a painfully arthritic one.

In the Joint Replacement Program at Memorial Hermann Northwest Hospital, you can expect:

  • Instructional class prior to your surgery to prepare you and your family for what to anticipate, how to prepare your home and equipment you may need
  • Group physical therapy and recovery classes
  • All these amenities and more are provided to make your recovery as speedy and enjoyable as possible.