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Weight Loss

Your Weight Loss Journey Begins Now

Southwest Weight Loss BannerObesity is rapidly becoming America’s leading health problem. Of the 97 million Americans who are overweight, 10 million are considered morbidly obese. This growing number represents more than 25 percent of American adults and 14 percent of American children. Every day, more than a thousand Americans die from morbid obesity and obesity related medical problems. Memorial Hermann Southwest offers a program comprised of a team of experienced, board-certified surgeons, spe­cially trained nurses, patient care associates, physical therapists, and behavioral health specialists whose goal is to empower change.

Preparing for Surgery
Preparations for bariatric surgery begin long before the actual proce­dure. The first step for prospective patients is a free information session providing an overview of the process. Prospective patients then schedule an appointment to meet with the bariatric surgeon to discuss the results of a series of preliminary tests that include psychological and nutritional evaluations, as well as medical diagnostic studies.

If the first round of tests indicates other conditions, the surgeon may order additional tests to obtain the most comprehensive medical information possible. This very thorough process will help determine which bariatric surgery is the right option, identifying potential health problems and reducing the risk of complications.

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Be Fit & Weigh Less

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