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Cancer Risk Genetics Program at Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center

Genetic counseling can be appropriate for many individuals and families to make informed decisions to assess their risk and plan for the future.

Is Genetic Counseling Right For You?

If any of the following describes you or a family member, we encourage you to contact your physician to refer you to our genetic counselor, Kathryn (Kate) Mraz, MS, CGC:

  • Anyone with a cancer diagnosed at age 50y or less
  • Anyone with a diagnosis of two or more primary cancers in the same person
  • Anyone with diagnoses of rare cancer or discovery of a rare tumor
  • Anyone with more than one close family member diagnosed with either the same type of cancer or related cancers (for example breast, ovarian and/or pancreatic cancer OR colon and endometrial cancer)
  • Anyone with multiple family members with cancer
  • Anyone with more than 10 colon polyps in your lifetime
  • Anyone of Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry with a personal/family history of breast/ovarian/prostate/pancreatic cancer
  • Anyone who previously underwent genetic testing through his/her physician and wants to further discuss his/her results
  • Anyone considering genetic testing for him/herself or inquire about information for a family member
  • Anyone at high-risk, with or without a known caner susceptibility syndrome, who has questions about cancer prevention, screening options, or treatment
  • Anyone concerned about personal/family’s cancer risk, regardless of high-risk status

What to Expect at Your Appointment

Your assessment will be based on the information you provide as well as risk assessment models and the expertise of your healthcare professionals. If an appointment is scheduled, your genetic counselor will likely have contacted you prior to your appointment to collect information about your medical history and the medical history of your relatives such as your children, siblings, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents. This information will be used to assess your cancer risk during your appointment.

Here's what to expect:

  • You will meet with both a genetic counselor and a medical oncologist to discuss cancer risk assessment.
  • We will discuss your personal and family cancer history and your cancer risk based risk based on that information.
  • If you and/or your family history are suggestive of a hereditary cancer syndrome, you will be offered genetic testing, if available.
  • Regardless of whether you are offered genetic testing, we will discuss ways to help lower your cancer risk or take preventative measures.
  • We will coordinate your care with a team of leading physicians who utilize state-of-the-art and comprehensive care.
  • We will develop an appropriate and tailored cancer surveillance plan for your needs and help you navigate your care.
  • After your assessment is completed and your recommendations have been made, we will also address recommendations for your family members regarding their cancer risk based on our assessment and any recommended changes for screening or testing for them.

Initial genetic counseling appointments are usually 60-90 minutes long; follow-up sessions vary in length.

For More Information

Contact your physician regarding a referral to our genetic counselor. You may also contact our genetic counselor Kathryn (Kate) directly at (832)325-7206 to learn more about this process and to schedule an appointment.