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Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

At Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center, our comprehensive orthopedic program  offers a full range of treatments from non-surgical and minimally invasive procedures to surgery and rehabilitation for muscle, bone and joint injuries and abnormalities.

Specific treatment areas include:

  • Sports medicine
  • Total joint replacement, including hip, knee, ankle and shoulder
  • Bone reconstruction
  • Spinal disorders
  • Upper extremity - shoulder, elbow, hand
  • Foot and ankle injuries
  • Muscle and nerve surgery

IRONMAN Sports Medicine Institute

The Memorial Hermann IRONMAN Sports Medicine Institute is a comprehensive sports medicine center providing elite care for athletes of all ages and skill levels. Based in Houston, Texas, the Institute has three locations around the greater Houston area including its flagship in the world-renowned Texas Medical Center.  Affiliated with The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UT Health) Medical School,  the Institute has a multi-disciplinary team of highly trained sports medicine experts in orthopedic surgery, physical medicine & rehabilitation, primary care, internal medicine, neuropsychology and physical therapy as well as human performance experts.  The affiliated team is focused on developing individualized treatment plans and programs to help athletes of all ages and abilities prevent injury, recover from injury and improve performance to reach their personal athletic goals. 

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Joint Replacement Program

The Joint Replacement Program at Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center offers a team of orthopedic surgeons, specially trained nurses, therapists and other caregivers who are focused on treating and rehabilitating patients with debilitating joint conditions. 

For many, joint pain and loss of joint mobility are viewed as an inevitable part of aging. Often, the damage done to the joint is best addressed by total joint replacement - the implanting of a synthetic joint in place of a painfully arthritic one.

In the Joint Replacement Program, you can expect:

  • One-on-one education prior to your surgery to prepare you and your family for what to anticipate, how to prepare your home and equipment you may need
  • A dedicated joint replacement coordinator who walks you through every step of the experience
  • Inpatient and outpatient physical therapy and recovery classes

For a physician referral, call 713.222.CARE or use our Find a Doctor tool.

Orthopedic Trauma

As one of the busiest trauma centers in the nation and one of only two Level 1 trauma centers in Houston, the Texas Trauma Institute at Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center treats more than 13,000  trauma patients annually with more than 80% of those involving injuries to the musculoskeletal system. The orthopedic trauma team provides expert care for both adults and children, and a full spectrum of services to treat complex orthopedic injuries and conditions including:

Acute Injuries

  • Difficult fractures of the upper and lower extremities, including open and complex periarticular injuries
  • Complex fractures in the joints (periarticular injuries)
  • Severe open fractures
  • Patients with multiple injuries
  • Pelvic and acetabular (hip) fractures
  • Geriatric fractures
  • Extremity injuries requiring hyperbaric oxygen

Complications or Chronic Conditions

  • Non-unions (fractures that did not heal)
  • Mal-unions (fractures that healed in poor position)
  • Infections and osteomyelitis (bone infection)