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Pulmonary Diagnostic Lab Services

EBUS Bronchoscopy

Physicians use endobronchial ultrasound (EBUS) to diagnose and stage lung cancer as well as to determine if the cancer has spread to other parts of the body. This minimally invasive tool allows physicians to see beyond the bronchial wall to diseased tissue, lymph nodes or lesions outside of the bronchial airway. Assessment of these lesions and lymph nodes is critical for accurate lung cancer staging and treatment planning.

In an EBUS procedure, a thin, flexible instrument called a bronchoscope is fitted with an ultrasound device and guided through the patient’s mouth and trachea, delivering real-time images of difficult-to-reach tumors. EBUS also allows physicians to perform tissue biopsies or collect fluid samples from lungs and lymph nodes using a very thin needle aspiration under local anesthesia. This can usually be done on an outpatient basis.

At Memorial Hermann-TMC, EBUS is available in two imaging modalities:

Radial ultrasound

Radial ultrasoundIt provides a 360° image of the airway wall and surrounding structures external to the airway and allows biopsy of peripheral, difficult-to-reach lung nodules.

Linear ultrasound

Linear ultrasoundIt provides a 60° image of the airway wall and surrounding structures external to the airway and is used in obtaining aspirates from Mediastinal and hilar lymph nodes along with centrally located lung masses.

Advances in Therapeutic Bronchoscopy

Electromagnetic Navigational Bronchoscopy

Electromagnetic navigational bronchoscopyElectromagnetic Navigation Bronchoscopy procedures provide a minimally invasive approach to accessing difficult-to-reach areas of the lung. Having improved access to these remote regions can aid in the diagnosis of peripheral lung nodules and abnormal lesions located in the peripheral lung. As a result, physicians can deliver personalized treatments earlier, to help save more lives.

ERBOKRYO® CA - Cryosurgical System

Erbokryo CA - Cryosurgical SystemThe ERBOKRYO Cryosurgical System uses extreme cold temperatures to devitalize tissue and remove foreign bodies, mucous plugs, necrotic tissue and perform tissue biopsy by cryoadhesion.


TMC Pulmonary ERBE APCAvailable at Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center, Argon Plasma Coagulation (APC) is used in therapeutic bronchoscopy interventions to control bleeding from lesions during the partial or complete recanalization of symptomatic tracheal and bronchial stenoses, and to remove tumor growths. Using ionized argon gas that is directed through a probe, high-frequency electric current helps conduct the gas to coagulate the bleeding lesion.

Spiration® Endobronchial Valve

TMC Pulmonary Spiration ValveAvailable at Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center, this minimally invasive treatment targets prolonged chest tube leaks in patients with severely diseased lungs. Using minimally invasive techniques, the Spiration Valve System enables qualified physicians to place the endobronchial valves in airways to aid in the reduction or cessation of prolonged chest tube air leaks. It can be effective in relieving hyperinflation and allowing patients to breathe easier.