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Shared Governance

Shared Governance at Memorial Hermann-TMC provides clinical professional nurses a voice in decision-making that creates a positive impact on the quality of patient and family care. Through a formalized structure of councils and committees, nurses have the ability to facilitate recommendations and make decisions that pertain to clinical care, quality improvement and nursing practice.

Under Shared Governance, nurses assume full accountability for nursing practice while participating in strong collegial relationships with other disciplines in the planning and delivery of patient care.

Our Council Structure 

  • Professional Nursing Coordinating Council provides a mechanism for the communication, integration and coordination of the functions of the Shared Governance Structure: Quality and Safety; Nursing Practice; Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice; Nursing Education; Nursing Recognition, Recruitment and Retention; and Nursing Informatics with both Nursing Leadership and Clinical Nurses within the Department of Nursing. This council takes its impetus from the leadership of each of the members of the Leadership Council, including the Chief Nursing Officer Adult/Heart & Vascular Institute and the Chief Nursing Officer Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital, and works within the Shared Governance structure to provide vision, direction and planning for the nursing organization in matters of patient care and professional development.
  • Children's and Adult Nursing Practice, Quality and Patient Safety Councils are accountable for the development, review and updating of standards of nursing practice and nursing care delivery at the Memorial Hermann-TMC campus consistent with the local, regional, state and national standards and the Texas State Nurse Practice Act. The councils foster a commitment to the pursuit of quality at all levels through education of clinical nurses regarding the performance improvement process and participation of clinical nurses in performance improvement efforts as part of the organization's Quality and Safety program and peer review improvement activities.
  • Professional Nursing Research and EBP Council is accountable for collaboration with the Memorial Hermann Clinical Innovation and Research Institute to strengthen the abilities of the clinical nurse to review and interpret research to enhance professional nursing practice across organizational services.
  • Professional Nursing Recruitment, Retention, and Recognition Council provides leadership and guidance in the areas of recognition and rewards for the advancement of professional nursing. The Council guides recruiting efforts for the professional nurses aligned with the nursing strategic plan and promotes the involvement of nursing staff, managers and human resource staff to lessen the effects of the nursing shortage through workforce education. The work of the Council will improve work environment and the image of nursing, prioritizing ideas and implementing and evaluating effective strategies.
  • Professional Nursing Education Council defines implements and maintains the educational standards that promote clinical competency for the professional nurse. The Professional Nursing Education  Council facilitates lifelong learning for the professional nurse in order to promote professional development and a highly skilled and professional nursing staff which delivers premier care in quality and service.
  • Professional Nursing Informatics Council is responsible for mobility of applications throughout the units.
  • Professional Nursing Management Council defines, implements, and maintains the hospital's standards for nursing management practice consistent with national state, and community standards related to material, human and fiscal resource allocation and utilization.
  • Professional Nurse Executive Council develops, maintains and evaluates organizational systems that support the delivery of nursing care and provides an organized, consistent approach to aligning the mission, vision, values, philosophy and strategic plan of nursing with those aspects of Memorial Hermann-TMC and the Memorial Hermann system.

Apply for a Shared Governance Council

Click here to apply for a Shared Governance Council.