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Memorial Hermann Advantages


Five Pillars of Patient Care

High standards of patient care and outstanding quality at each of our hospitals is achieved by following a strategic plan for patient care the supports the practice of nursing. Our Five Pillars of Patient Care form the foundation for all areas of nursing:


Create an environment of excellent leadership from nurse manager to chief nurse.

Evidence-based Practice

Encourage nurses to research best practices for patient care and help them provide a high level of care based on that research.


Provide each nurse with convenient educational tools and opportunities that enable them to remain current in their profession. Offer a variety of resources – from providing the highest tuition reimbursement program in the city to mentoring and other opportunities, including the free CEs provided in the CE•Q Magazine.


Implement the latest technology for patient care, including computers, as well as the latest in advanced infusion pumps and monitors and more. Throughout the System, all hospitals have the latest technology to provide consistent quality of care. In fact, we have been named a Most Wired health system by Hospital & Health Networks magazine for three consecutive years.

Work Environment

Create a nurturing, caring and fun environment in which to work. Reward and recognize nurses for outstanding outcomes and delivering exceedingly high-quality care.

Shared Governance

Nurses are actively involved in decision making at Memorial Hermann System Hospitals. The shared governance model provides a framework that ensures shared decision making processes. At the heart of this model are the patient and family. Staff is involved in unit-specific decision making processes.

ANCC Magnet Status

In 2010, Memorial Hermann The Woodlands was granted Magnet® status by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s – this is the top nursing excellence honor and only about 6% of hospitals in the U.S. have a Magnet® designation.

Our Nursing Team Leadership

Cheryl Shay, B.S.N., R.N., C.A.P.A.

Director, Medical-Surgical/IMU/Observation
Degree: B.S.N., Texas Woman’s University
Years in Nursing: 30
Years at Memorial Hermann: 2

Tamara L. Herschmann R.N., B.S.N., C.N.O.R.
Director, Perioperative Services
Degree(s): B.S.N., Stephen F. Austin State University
Years in Nursing: 23
Years at Memorial Hermann: 16

Mary Hersey, B.S.N., R.N.C.-O.B.
Director, Women’s and Newborn’s Services
Degree(s): B.S.N., Indiana University in Indianapolis
Years in Nursing: 29
Years at Memorial Hermann: 24

Elizabeth Kutchback, B.S.N., R.N.C.-N.I.C.
Director, Children's Services
Degree(s): B.S.N.
Years in Nursing: 21
Years at Memorial Hermann: 9

Wendy Mead, B.S.N., R.N., C.C.T.
Director, Cardiopulmonary and Respiratory Therapy
Degree(s): B.S.N., Devry University- Chamberlain College of Nursing
Years in Nursing: 12
Years at Memorial Hermann: 19

Jody Collins, M.S.N., B.S., R.N.
Director of Magnet and Staff Development 
Education Specialist III
Degree(s): B.S., University of Houston, M.S.N., Texas Tech University
Years in Nursing: 9
Years at Memorial Hermann: 6

Approach to Wellness

Out of concern for the physical, spiritual, psychological and social well being of its employees, Memorial Hermann assesses health risks, offers interventions and provides incentives to promote employees' health and wellness.

Staff Development

System Orientation and Culture Day

Memorial Hermann strongly believes in providing each new employee partner with a timely and quality introduction to the System's culture, history purpose and values. This is accomplished in part by requiring that each new employee partner spend his or her first day at work in Culture Day. This program bring new employee partners from different facilities together in a central location and exposes them to what makes the Memorial Hermann Healthcare System such a unique and special place.

Clinical Orientation

Following the completion of Culture Day, nurses report to their assigned facilities, where they receive additional orientation related to their specific hospital/division and unit. Nursing orientation is individualized to the nurse’s level of experience. Unit-based coaches assist with clinical orientation, focusing on competence, patient care content and unit culture.

Tuition Reimbursement

Memorial Hermann encourages employees to enhance their careers through educational advancement. The intent of tuition reimbursement is to enable employees (on your own time) to meet your career goals in a manner that both supports your needs and adds value to the System. It is the employee's responsibility to read and understand the Tuition Reimbursement policy.

*Key Points:

All full-time, part-time and supplemental employees are eligible for tuition reimbursement. However, your supervisor or director will have to verify that you meet all behavioral and performance expectations to qualify.
You must apply online via Employee Self-Service
Fiscal Year 2010/2011 and Exception Limits:


Degree Type

Fiscal Year 2011 Limits

Fiscal Year 2011 Exception Limits










Clinical Non-Nursing (BS)



Clinical Masters (MS)



Non-Clinical (BA)



Non-Clinical (MBA)



*Please contact your HR representative if you have any questions regarding tuition reimbursement.

Clinical Ladder

The Nursing Clinical Ladder at Memorial Hermann The Woodlands provides a framework for the promotion and recognition of excellence in nursing practice. Promotion allows for additional clinical, professional and financial opportunities. To access the Clinical Ladder application packet for The Woodlands, please click HERE.

Partnerships with Schools of Nursing

MH works closely with the Lone Star College System, The University of Texas, Texas Woman’s University and others – to expand and enhance their nursing programs. At any given time, 70 – 100 student nurses are gaining valuable training through clinical practicum. Our nursing internships cover a wide spectrum of specialties that enrich the professional practice of nursing in the community.

Quality and Innovation

Transforming Care at the Bedside

Clinical staff supports a climate of clinical excellence by involvement on the unit and hospital-wide councils. Utilizing the Transforming Care at the Bedside (TCAB) approach, the unit councils involve staff in unit-specific decision making processes. This information is shared via the Professional Staff Nurse Council.

Computerized Documentation

By documenting online through the Advanced Care4 application, we allow collaboration and communication of the interdisciplinary care team and make the patient’s chart always accessible – anywhere, anytime. Advanced Care4 also establishes the foundation for the implementation of eOrdering, which allows the use of evidence-based knowledge at the point-of-care to assist our physicians in providing the best possible clinical outcomes for our patients.

Patient Safety

All employee partners participate in breakthroughs in patient safety programs. Tools are designed to build and sustain an organizational culture that will create a safe environment for patients, families and staff.

Memorial Hermann collaborates with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement and more than 3,000 healthcare systems across the country to employ best practice safety interventions that save lives. Under the 5 Million Lives Campaign banner (formerly the 100,000 Lives Campaign), the System has implemented initiatives to prevent injuries and mistakes.

Employee Safety

Memorial Hermann strives to provide an environment free of physical and environmental hazards while protecting the safety and welfare of patients, visitors, volunteers, medical staff and employees.

Center for Clinical Innovation and Research

The Memorial Hermann Research Mission is to improve the health of the community through clinical discovery and development of new, breakthrough treatments for our patients.


Memorial Hermann The Woodlands is utilizing The DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses to recognize its nursing staff on a monthly basis. The DAISY Award is being used by more than 600 U.S. hospitals and is supported by the ANCC for all Magnet® organizations since it serves as meaningful recognition and helps develop and maintain a healthy work environment by promoting job satisfaction, teamwork/collaboration and accountability/responsibility to one another and to our patients.

You can use the DAISY Award nomination form to recognize a nurse for their clinical skill, compassionate care and for serving as a role model for our newest nurses. The nominee should consistently meets all of the following criteria:
  • Models empathy and demonstrates a caring attitude
  • Positive attitude
  • Consistent focus on meeting the needs of patients and families
  • Good assessment and critical thinking skills
  • Demonstrates flexibility and proactive leadership
  • Works well with all members of the healthcare team
  • Generates enthusiasm and energy towards meeting the challenges of nursing
  • Nomination forms are due by the 15th of each month and may be filled out by patients, families, colleagues, physicians or other staff. Please submit nominations or any questions to Forstine Morris, RN in Staff Development at (713) 897-2308. Additional printed forms are also available throughout the hospital.