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Chronic pain affects one-third of all people in the United States, and the number of Americans addicted to painkillers has tripled over the last decade, according to a local doctor.
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What happens when a medication to relieve pain becomes an addiction? Elizabeth Barnes has seen the darker side of pain killers. She lived the American dream. She was a wife, mother, and owner of a multi-million dollar business. Then...
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Josh Urban, CEO of Memorial Hermann The Woodlands Hospital, and Tamara Herschmann, director of surgical services at Memorial Hermann The Woodlands Hospital, comment on The Woodlands becoming home to a bustling medical center.
Our 2nd Annual Pediatric Epilepsy Reunion recently brought together patients, families and caregivers from the pediatric program at Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital and gave them a chance to rec...
Hermann affiliated physician Dr. Brian Lepow speaks about the diagnosis and latest treatment options for diabetic foot wounds to prevent amputation.
a mother of three, is diagnosed with a rare vaginal cancer that would require a major surgery. This leaves her with decision of enduring this procedure and the daily discomfort that followed, or decli...