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Mental Health Crisis Clinic

About Us

mentalhealthThe Memorial Hermann Mental Health Crisis Clinic is an outpatient mental health service provider meant for serve individuals in crisis situations. This clinic also serves individuals unable to follow up with other outpatient providers for their mental health needs. This service is provided regardless of insurance and even if the patient is uninsured.

The Mental Health Crisis Clinic is made up of a multidisciplinary team of Psychiatrists, Mental Health Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Social Workers, and Medical Assistants. These professionals work together to provide treatment support of patients while helping connect the patients with more permanent ongoing medical and behavioral health homes. This service will help to break the cycle of reliance on ERs and acute care settings for treatment of mental health needs. This clinic will serve as an interim care clinic for mental health treatment needs.

Please note that the Memorial Hermann Mental Health Crisis Clinic is not designed to provide continuous outpatient follow-up for mental health needs. This clinic will assist in finding outpatient follow-up either by helping patients to establish an appointment with an outpatient provider or by providing patients with resources and referrals.


The goal of the Mental Health Crisis Clinic is to increase access to behavioral health treatment services. This clinic aims to promote better health outcomes for patients with mental health treatment needs, decrease unnecessary ER visits, and to decrease incarcerations due to noncompliance with mental health treatment.