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Memorial Hermann Northeast Employees, Physicians Honored for ‘WOWing’

TEXAS MEDICAL CENTER (February01, 2010)


Five of the North East Hospital’s most patient-pleasing employees.

These Memorial Hermann Northeast Hospital employees were honored as five of the Hospital's most patient-pleasing employees: Danielle Romero, from left, Susie Alters RN, Alicia Andrews, RN, Alice Andrews, RN, and Michelle Eby, RN. The Northeast campus recently held a reception for 121 employees who received three or more patient compliments in December.

Memorial Hermann Northeast and employees and physicians once again were honored for their "WOW" factor.

At the Northeast campus, "WOW" stands for "Working On Wonderful" and 121 physicians and employees were recognized for "WOWing" their patients during the ceremony held last week.

The program is called "iWOWed" which stands for "i Work On Wonderful every day." The purpose of the program is to recognize staff members and employees for positive customer service based on verbal or written compliments including letters, emails, phone calls or comments from the Hospital's customer service surveys.

There are four levels of recognition, all based on how often an employee or physician is recognized. The more compliments an employee receives, the more recognition they receive.

Those honored included:

Glow Level -- More than 16 compliments in the last three months:

  • Surgical Services: Michelle Eby
  • Endoscopy: Mary Alters, Joyce Dennis
  • Women's Services: Donna Ash
  • MS3: Alice Andrews, Danielle Romero, Jason Smith
  • MS4: Alicia Andrews, Vickie Nelson

Gold Level - 10 to 15 compliments in the last three months:

  • Surgical Services: Karen Kolar, Hannele Miettinen, Janice Pfitzer, Elizabeth Rash
  • Emergency Center: Rebecca James
  • Endoscopy: Teresa Brewer- U10
  • Women's Services: Kelly Hickman, Sandra Poole, Katy Riggs
  • MS3: Nada Cinara, Carolyn Gafford, Latasha Ingram, Charlotte Key, Catherine Moore, Jackie Staley
  • MS4: Melissa Barrera, Claudia Emile, Ashley Frye, Marcia Jackson, Maria Janse, Carol Koch, Joy Odafe, Alyssa Smidlein
  • Physicians: Dr. Banker
  • Radiology: Gwen Haws
  • SCU: Laurie Coleman, Heather Green, Kathie Maass, Marlene Zuckerman

Silver Level - six to nine compliments in the last three months:

  • Patient Access: Angelique Devera
  • Cardiopulmonary: Clint Harshaw, Trisha Miller
  • CRM: Rhonda Dishongh, Theresa Stewart
  • Surgical Services: Bonnie Bourgeois, Lorraine Hurbs, Regina Tendorf
  • Education: Nicole Castaneda
  • Emergency Center: Keith Bailey, Jeremy Fairburn, Sebastian Whitney,
  • Women's Services: Gail Weedon
  • Materials Management: Charlie Vannoy
  • MS3: Lois Estes, Tynesha James, Sawraj Kaur, Debra Miles, Danielle Verdun
  • MS4: Lydia Fandialan, Angela Morgan, Nancy Voegtlin,
  • Radiology: Jami Cessac, Darwin Sanchez, Byron Yarbrough
  • SCU: Jennie Martinez,
  • Wound Care: Michael Ruttle, Lisa Williams

Bronze Level - Three to five compliments in the last three months:

  • Patient Access: Alma Bredeson, Robert Garland, Kimberly Jones, Iris Valdivieso, Rhonda Washington
  • Cardiopulmonary: Ahmad Charif, Greg Henry, Parries Thomas, Shawn Thomas
  • Case Management: Pat Lopez
  • CathLab: Gabby Klopp
  • Surgical Services: Tanya Acrey, Ken Adams, Jennifer Creel, Lana Eastman, Rachel Kossoy, Nia Mulligan, Ollie Williams
  • Emergency Room: David Beck, Renea Fletcher, Carol Le, Robin Tangen
  • Women's Services: Reva Beaman, Johnny Bender, Cyril Cheng, Emma Daugherty, Janet Esmas, Margaret Miller, Kerri Pennington,
  • Healthcare Improvement: Judy Lever
  • Materials Management: Donald Jones
  • MICU: Trishta Sharp
  • MS3: Allaine Abellana, Kevin Carter, Alyse Gilmore, Paul Marinas, Guadalupe Martinez, Nicole Robinson, Sharon Shields, Lesia Williams
  • MS4: Robert Brett Dodgen, Daisy Gama, David Thompson
  • Pharmacy: Luisa Portugal
  • Physicians: Dr. Bonilla, Dr. Nathan,
  • Radiology: Jennifer Johnston, Valerie Pavel
  • SCU: Lisa Cravens, Janet Duncan, Bridie Ndunda, Ericka Orphey, Angela Pitts
  • Security: Elijah Nelson
  • Therapy Services: Robin Ardoin

Departments and Units also were honored for their patient satisfaction scores which are based on questionnaires completed and returned by patients.

Winning departments included:

  • Best Overall Department: Surgery
  • Most Improved Department: Patient Access ED Registration
  • Most Supportive Department: Human Resources