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Allergy symptoms point to more serious diagnosis for Memorial Hermann Northeast patient

HOUSTON, TEXAS (August10, 2017)

When allergy season makes its way, many people prepare by stocking up on medication and taking spoonfuls of local honey to help alleviate the fatigue, itchy eyes and runny nose caused by the shift in weather. Joe Chapman felt all the usual symptoms associated with allergies, except he also felt shortness of breath, chest pressure and bit of heart fluttering. Chapman's physician, Dr. Jeff C. Wang, talked about his patient's sudden onset of allergies and also discovered an irregular heart rhythm, prompting the doctor to consult Dr. Nilay Mehta, a cardiovascular disease specialist at Memorial Hermann Northeast Hospital. "Mr. Chapman is a healthy man with minimal risk factors for a heart condition. In his mind, his symptoms were consistent with what he thought were allergies," Dr. Mehta said.  Following Chapman’s diagnosis of A-Fib and mitral valve prolapse, doctors felt the best treatment for Chapman was available at Memorial Hermann Heart & Vascular Institute-Texas Medical Center with Dr. Tom Nguyen, who is considered a specialist in less invasive surgery and mitral repair.

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