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Angel Munoz, M.D., NICU Staff Commended by Healthcare Improvement Department

HUMBLE, TX (November12, 2008)


Angel Munoz, M.D., NICU Staff Commended


Pictured from left, are: Mariann Zukowski, RN; Janice Cubb; RN, Julie Darbonne, RN; Jackie Dowell; Dr. Munoz; Vicki Pruit, RN; Fran Cykala, RN; Judi Lever, RN; Leda Cunningham, RN; Ryan Pulnam, RN and Margaret Miller, RN.


Memorial Hermann Northeast Neonatologist Angel Munoz, M.D. is recognized during National Healthcare Quality Week by Northeast's Healthcare Improvement Department. Dr. Muñoz was recognized for his outstanding leadership and support in improving the Hospital's neonatal care, by implementing and fostering compliance with Central Line Bundles.

A Central Line Bundle is a group of evidence-based interventions for patients with intravascular central catheters that, when implemented together, result in better outcomes. Dr. Munoz and the NICU staff implemented these interventions successfully and improved their patient outcomes.