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Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital Patients Create Whimsical Murals

HOUSTON, TX (October30, 2008)


Patients at Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital put their art skills to good use to paint four full-color, three-foot-by-six-foot murals that will be displayed throughout the hospital. Employees of SAP America, the world's leading provider of business software, in partnership with the Foundation for Hospital Art, visited the hospital to help create the murals.


Pohla focuses on paining part of a mural

Photo by Colleen Sturek

Pictured, Nathan Pohla focuses on painting part of a mural.


Each piece of art is comprised of six canvas pieces, which are painted and assembled to form a scene, including flowers, butterflies and seahorses. The Foundation for Hospital Art is a nonprofit organization dedicated to softening the hospital environment with colorful paintings, wall murals and ceiling tiles. Participants paint pre-drawn, color-coded designs at PaintFests held in a variety of settings worldwide and then donated to hospitals.