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Deadlifting at 70

HOUSTON, TX (August31, 2018)

Two years ago, Jean Hoepfel was just starting out for a jog when she tripped over a piece of metal and fell hard onto the sidewalk. The 68-year-old could tell immediately that she’d broken her arm. Amid a rush of adrenaline, she drove herself to the emergency room, where she was treated and referred out for physical therapy at Memorial Hermann IRONMAN Sports Medicine Institute. “As we age, we literally need to lift heavy things,” said Brian Duncan, a physical therapist and director of human performance and residency programs at Memorial Hermann IRONMAN Sports Medicine Institute. “In our 50s and 60s, we start to rapidly lose strength unless we’re providing the body a stimulus, and if we do that, then the body reacts based on the amount and the intensity of our stimulus.”

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