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Dr. Geoffrey Zubay helps a triathlete severely injured in an auto accident get back on her feet

THE WOODLANDS (June15, 2012)

Lori Culberson was one her way to work one minute and being rushed to the hospital the next, headed into surgery. It was an accident that changed Lori’s life forever but was it changed for better or worse?   "I just remember screaming," says Culberson. She was driving to work when an ambulance changed lanes and slammed into her car.

"Two of the bones in her neck completely dislocated themselves from each other," explains Dr. Geoffrey Zubay, a Neurosurgeon at Memorial Hermann The Woodlands Hospital. Culberson remembers she had once question for her doctor. "Will I be able to run again?," asked Culberson. Dr. Zubay did not even know if she would ever walk again.

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