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Hope for sinus sufferers in new procedure at Memorial Hermann Southeast Hospital

HOUSTON, TX (October05, 2009)


Sinusitis affects 39 million people each year, making it one of the most common health problems in the United States.  Until now, those who suffer daily from sinusitis have had limited treatment options - from nebulizers, herbal remedies and medications to painful, invasive surgery.  There is now a minimally-invasive treatment option available.  

Balloon Sinuplasty is similar in concept to angioplasties that treat congestive heart failure.  The procedure uses tiny balloons inserted via a catheter through the nostril into the sinus cavity and then slowly inflated to open blocked sinuses. The balloon(s) are then deflated and removed and the sinuses are restored to normal drainage and function.   

Kathleen McDonald, M.D. is performing this new procedure at Memorial Hermann Southeast Hospital.  For more information, call 281.484.3981 or 713.436.3339.