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Houston surgeons treat extreme obesity in TV special

TEXAS MEDICAL CENTER (November18, 2009)

Extreme Obesity: A Big Medicine Special



Hour-long special premieres Nov. 18 at 8 p.m. CT

Nearly three years have passed since their gastric bypass surgeries, but the drastic before-and-after results seen on Big Medicine could never begin to tell the whole story of life after surgery. Extreme Obesity: A Big Medicine Special brings viewers back to The Davis Clinic at Memorial Hermann Memorial City, one of the nation's most innovative bariatric surgery practices.  

At the heart of the practice is father-and-son team Robert and Garth Davis, bariatric surgeons who have dedicated their professional lives to treating the life-threatening disease of morbid obesity. The Davis Clinic adheres to a long-term, multidisciplinary approach that includes a plan for lifelong follow-up - and this hour-long special revisits some of the most memorable patients profiled on Big Medicine, showcasing how each individual has adapted to life after surgery.


The incredible patients featured in Extreme Obesity: A Big Medicine Special: 




former intensive care unit nurse for the obese patients from The Davis Clinic, Tanya struggled with her weight for years until she tipped the scales at 281 lbs.  Inspired by her patients, Tanya ultimately decided to undergo gastric bypass as well as plastic surgery to remove the excess skin.  Today, Tanya weighs in at a svelte 127 pounds but now finds herself on the opposite side of the spectrum—terrified to regain weight and confronting an eating disorder.  





 Jennifer always wanted to have children—but with a body mass index of 51, her obesity was causing infertility and no matter how hard she tried, she could not get pregnant.  Heartbroken, Jennifer made the decision to undergo gastric bypass surgery in hopes of having a baby- but after surgery, Jennifer developed a severe addiction to crack-cocaine.  Can Jennifer overcome her demons to finally realize her dream of having a family?




At 750 lbs., Marc made the life-altering decision to undergo gastric bypass surgery and plastic surgery and lost an astounding 300 lbs.  Considered a true success story, Marc has taken control of his weight and his life by following doctors’ orders before and after surgery to attain a healthier lifestyle.  

Extreme Obesity: A Big Medicine Special is produced for Discovery Health by Idea Factory Productions. For Discovery Health, Alon Orstein is executive producer and for Idea Factory Productions, Darryl Silver and Stephen David are executive producers.

*Review DVD screeners are available upon request  *Interviews with Dr. Garth Davis available upon request.