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Innovative Chronic Headache Treatment at Memorial Hermann Northwest





Help for People with Chronic Headaches


More than 45 million Americans suffer from chronic headaches, according to the National Headache Foundation. This often debilitating condition can disrupt daily activities and curtail an active lifestyle. Correctly diagnosing the cause of chronic headaches is key to successful treatment.

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Headache Specialist at Memorial Hermann

Pamela Blake, M.D., a board-certified neurologist and renowned headache treatment specialist, founded the Headache Treatment Center of Northwest, part of Memorial Hermann Medical Group, to provide treatment to people with chronic headaches. Dr. Blake came to Houston from Washington, D.C., where she developed novel treatments for chronic daily headaches that are due to a condition known as focal cranial neuralgia.

Dr. Blake is one of the only physicians in the nation employing - in collaboration with a plastic surgeon - a novel, minimally invasive, outpatient surgical procedure to combat chronic daily headache.

She and her colleagues in Washington, D.C., were among the first to use the procedure to treat patients who did not respond to more conventional treatment for chronic daily headache. They performed 150 of these procedures, with 66 percent of patients reporting a greater than 50 percent reduction in pain.

To determine if a patient is a candidate for the procedure, Dr. Blake utilizes nerve blocks, an infrequently used approach to headache diagnosis that involves a series of steroid injections into the compressed nerve to diagnose and possibly treat the condition. Dr. Blake also performs medication management and other more traditional forms of treatment for patients with chronic headache.