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Katy woman calls herself a 'thriver' after cancer

KATY (October16, 2017)

Iris Gerken of Katy compares having cancer to clarifying butter in which the elements separate and the cook takes what she needs. "Cancer burned away the things I didn't need," said Gerken, adding that she had everything she needed but just hadn't recognized it. "I'm a thriver not a survivor. Cancer gave me more than it took." Her biggest fear was that she was going to die and not see her teenage girls, Katie and Julianna, grow into adulthood. Her journey began after a technician at the mammogram center at Memorial Hermann Katy Hospital saw a shadow on one of her breast X-rays. After further testing, a stage 2 cancer diagnosis came from her doctor at 3:59 p.m. Dec. 31, 2015… She saw specialists at Memorial Hermann Memorial City Medical Center, Memorial Hermann Katy Hospital, and Memorial Hermann Sugar Land Hospital.