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Message from Kevin Everett

HUMBLE, TEXAS (October17, 2007)


  Brian Walton Photo "I am deeply humbled by all of your support, your thoughts, and your prayers during this trying period in my life.  As you may already be aware, I have shown significant progress in my recovery. But, I am also fully aware that the recovery from the type of injury I have sustained is filled with peaks and valleys. While the road to recovery is long and hard, I am determined to fight through it each and every day.

This week, with the assistance of a walker, I was able to take steps, and I have been able to move in my wheelchair, both of which are great triumphs for me. I maintain a positive attitude and feel fortunate every day that I am alive and well.  I value and appreciate the unfailing support of my family, my friends, my doctors, and my fans.

While I am happy to share these moments of success in my recovery with you, I also ask that you understand this is a very challenging and personal time for me. I respectfully request that any future updates regarding my medical condition be obtained exclusively from the media relations team at Memorial Hermann|TIRR. I hope that I can soon report another milestone in my recovery. Until then."

Kevin Everett

For more information, contact Media Relations.