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Untreated Sinus Infection Leads to Brain Abcess



A 19-year-old, Riley Holliday was admitted to the emergency room at Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center after a sinus infection got way out of control.There's a photo of him in the video of the surgery showing one eye totally swollen shut. He looks like he's been in a prize fight!

The infection went from the sinus cavity into the back of the eye, causing an abscess. It also went into HIS BRAIN, causing another abscess. Usually a brain abscess means opening up the skull, which for Riley meant shaving his long blond hair. But Dr. Samer Fakhri of the University of Texas Medical School at Houston, used a special device with a camera attached to go up through the nose and drain and repair both abscesses. No incision required. He has footage of the actual surgery and it's really fascinating!

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