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What you need to know to avoid sports injuries

HOUSTON, TEXAS (February15, 2017)

If it's been a while since you've worked out -- or if you're trying a new fitness regimen -- chances are good you might have some aches and pains afterward. Enny Audu regularly pushed herself at the gym -- the more weight, the better. "There wasn't too much instruction, and that's how I hurt myself -- putting on too much weight," said Audu. "It went from pain, to 'Okay, I can't do it at all.' I couldn't tie my shoes. I couldn't sneeze without pain," recalled Audu. That's when Audu went to the Memorial Hermann Ironman Sports Medicine Institute-Memorial City and UT Health and found out she had a lumbar annular tear. Clinical director Benjamin Renfrow said he sees cases like Audu's regularly.

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