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World Cup health: from heart attacks to baby booms

HOUSTON (June08, 2018)

The World Cup is here and while it brings a ton of excitement and joy -- it can also present a scary effect on our health. As fans across the world prepare for their national team to fight for the trophy, they should prepare for a possible trip to the hospital. Men had a higher risk at 3.26 times that during the control period, whereas for women it was 1.8 times that during the control period. "In any major sporting event, the very first thing we do is grab food high in fat and calories," says Dr. Tom Nguyen, a cardiovascular surgeon with Memorial Hermann Heart & Vascular Institute. "And then we add alcohol." Dr. Nguyen says on top of this consumption, heart rates increase with the emotions of winning or losing a game. This can be very detrimental, especially when one has a preexisting heart condition.

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